Coach Spotlight

Lana Kairos

Lana is a certified performance & executive coach, a leadership and development and organizational change professional. Lana draws from her wide variety of experiences and education to help mission led, purpose driven organizations and her individual clients live more consciously and deliberately, leading to improved performance, realization of potential, and increased satisfaction and self-actualization. Her work is underpinned by the belief that leaders excel when they bring their unconscious motivations to a conscious awareness and discover hidden drivers behind their actions (or inactions). Together, she and her clients unpack unseen barriers that impede performance.

She strongly believes organizations can become catalysts to help their people fulfill their potential and find deeper meaning in their professional efforts. When people thrive at work, high performance, realization of purpose and mission, and professional development are a byproduct that will continually enrich the organization and its culture and lead to growth and greater impact. Lana has seen first-hand how strong leadership development, organizational change focus, and coaching can help organizations grow their triple bottom line and fulfill their mission.

Prior to her work in leadership development, Lana worked in private equity, mergers & acquisitions and leveraged finance.