Welcoming Hone’s Newest Coaches

New Hone Coaches 11/20
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Welcoming Hone’s Newest Coaches

While the days are starting to feel shorter and shorter, we are pleased to announce that Hone’s list of amazing coaches is only getting longer. We are very excited to introduce and welcome the four newest members of our coaching team! They come to Hone with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and an exceptional depth of content knowledge and expertise in facilitating groups. Most importantly, they are all lovely, thoughtful, kind-hearted people who will certainly add flavor and richness to our incredible community of coaches.


LaTonya Wilkins

LaTonya is a global culture leader, credentialed coach, speaker and author. She has worked amongst a broad client base including Fortune 500 companies, higher education entities, technology and consulting firms, and executive leadership teams. In LaTonya’s coaching relationships, she inspires her clients to promote equity in the workplace, successfully navigate workplace cultures, develop their authentic leadership philosophy and to lead highly effective, psychologically safe, teams. Her book, Leading Below the Surface: How to Build Real Relationships with People That Are Different from You to Transform Your Workplace, Community and Life, is expected to be available in Spring of 2021. LaTonya is currently the President of the True Star Youth Foundation board, which is a digital marketing social entrepreneurship company run by youth of color that recently received a Google Impact Award. She is also a board member of the LGBTQ+ Alumni Association at Indiana University and recently won a peer-nominated award for most inclusive HR influencers in 2019.


Andrew Hapke

Andrew coaches leaders in technology to take their career to the next level. He has worked at the intersection of entrepreneurship, social impact and technology for his whole career. Over the last 15 years, he has built products, and led teams at American Express, Etsy and Splice. Having been a start-up founder, a product leader and a mentor to technology executives, he has the context and perspective to coach people on how to build meaningful companies and careers. Andrew trained to become a coach with the Coactive Training Institute (CTI) and has an MBA from Yale. When he is not coaching, he likes to garden, cook and surf. He is currently attempting to teach his 2 year old daughter how to surf.


Svetlana Saitsky

Svetlana is a Co-Active Professional Certified Coach (PCC), facilitator, artist, and mental wealth advocate. Throughout the last decade, she has coached hundreds of leaders across multiple industries. Her coaching approach is direct and intuitive, and combines her education in leadership development with Jungian Psychology and neuroscience. Svetlana has coached leaders at Google, Apple, Asana, Adobe, AutoDesk, Netflix, and AirBNB. As a speaker, Svetlana facilitates workshops on the topic of “Mental Wealth” in order to raise awareness and break the stigma around mental health issues. Her last Mental Wealth workshop was held at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, where she is also a mentor coach for the Milestone Makers Program. When Svetlana is not coaching, she is practicing yoga, singing, or making art at her favorite coffee shop in San Francisco, or the Big Island of Hawaii. A fun fact about Svetlana is that she is an immigrant from the Republic of Moldova (which used to be a part of the Soviet Union.) The day that her and her family flew to the USA was the day that the USSR officially collapsed. Her plane was one of the last ones to leave the country before all travel was halted. She feels very lucky to have been on that plane.


Wendy Bedborough

Wendy is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, (currently preparing for MCC accreditation!) With a background as an HR Professional and Fellowship of the CIPD, She’s focused on Learning and Development for the last 20 years. She had plenty of fascinating insight into her background to share, “Since 2008 I have run my own business from my home in the Cotswolds in the UK. I work across sectors and geographies with a wide variety of organizations. Someone far smarter than me once said: ‘love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life’ … luckily for me most weeks it feels like that!” Fun fact: In the same week, she facilitated workshops in a nuclear bunker in Norway for NATO and in the Headquarters of the Space Agency – she felt like she was in a sci-fi film set. Wendy is also a Professional Highland and Scottish National Dance Teacher and Adjudicator (now retired). “I am looking forward to connecting with my new colleagues!”

Welcome, coaches! We’re so excited to have you on board, and we are ready for you to be a part of this wonderful growing community!

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