Meet Greg Costigan, Hone’s Head of Sales

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Meet Greg Costigan, Hone’s Head of Sales

Greg Costigan is Hone’s Head of Sales, although if you ask him, he’d say he’s more of an employee advocate than a salesman. With over 15 years of experience in sales and leadership, Greg knows the secret to doing business lies in listening to client needs and exceeding customer expectations. Greg is no stranger to the online learning space, as he’s been focused on empowering HR and L&D teams at companies like Zenefits, Mind Gym, and LearnUp for the past 7 years. 

We sat down with Greg to learn more about him, his thoughts on Hone, and his leadership outlook. Here’s why he’s confident Hone is the future of live online learning: 

How would you describe your role at Hone?

I lead Hone’s Sales team, but I don’t see us as “sales” in a traditional sense. We are consultants. We are advocates of higher education, upward mobility, diversity, equality, equity, inclusion and belonging. We are trying to help our clients make a substantial, positive difference in employees’ careers and lives.  

What was your professional journey before Hone?

I’ve led teams for the last 15+ years. After earning my MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School, I developed a keen interest in the positive influence tech can have on the world. I worked for two companies, Box and Zuora, that IPO’d, as well as for one of the fastest growing SaaS companies, Zenefits. While each of these roles was different, there were a few common threads tying them together: the fact that they solved employee problems, simplified human resource complexities, and made teams and companies more effective. Most recently, I led the West Coast Sales Team at MindGym where I learned the value of behavioral science and the impact of learning. 

Greg and some Hone teammates at HR Tech 2022

Greg and some Hone colleagues at HR Tech 2022

Why did you join Hone?

Because it works. Because the impact is real. Because having managers with highly effective soft skills can make the difference between a mediocre and fantastic organization. Hone’s unique content, facilitation, and technology is better than any other solution on the market  — I would know. I’ve seen the difference and the impact it can make firsthand.  

How is Hone different from other places you’ve worked? 

1. The mission.
2. The focus. 
3. The people.
4. The commitment to solving hard problems, no matter how challenging. 
5. To do 1-4 thoughtfully and at scale while using technology.

What’s your number one leadership tip? 

I’ve got a few. Stay humble. Stay foolish. History remembers the bold, so shoot for the stars. Any one person can make a world of difference, so be that person! More tactically, I believe in Extreme Ownership, taking the initiative and holding yourself accountable for an excellent level of performance. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to read about the labor market, upward mobility, the skills gap and how to get more people life changing opportunities, faster (and better). 

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