Meet Elaine Wu, Hone’s Director of Business Development

Meet Elaine Wu, Hone’s Director of Business Development
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Meet Elaine Wu, Hone’s Director of Business Development

Elaine Wu joined Hone in November and is one of the newest additions to Hone’s Leadership team. Even though she has only been with Hone for 3 months, Elaine’s presence has been felt all across the company, and her continued focus on identifying and building strategic partnerships and special projects will not only enhance Hone’s offerings to current clients, but also allow new learners to find and access Hone’s training.

We recently sat down with Elaine to learn more about her past experience in the ed-tech industry and hear about her journey at Hone so far. Here’s what she had to share: 

What was your professional journey before Hone?

I’ve always had a love of learning, which pushed me to pursue a career as a 2nd grade, and then 7th grade, classroom teacher early on in my career. Following my teaching experience, I moved on to lead public-private partnerships for New York City’s Department of Education. I worked with foundations, companies, and individual philanthropists to pilot programs (like computer science education) which, when proven, were expanded to schools citywide. I’ve also built global entrepreneurship boot camps for teenage students who solved real-world business problems alongside company and VC executives. And just before joining Hone, I led the US-based business development team at VIPKid, a global ed-tech company that connects children with the world’s best teachers for real-time online English immersion learning. 

Why did you join Hone?

Hone’s mission deeply resonates with me. I am a firm believer in lifelong learning and that manager and people skills are keys to personal and company-wide growth. In addition, Tom and Savina have built a rockstar team that I am proud and humbled to be a part of.

How do you think your past experience has helped you at Hone? 

I’m excited to bring my experience in cultivating win-win partnerships to help expand Hone’s reach. I also love the opportunity of working super cross-functionally to ensure that the partnerships we build are structured in a sustainable and scalable way.

How is Hone different from other places you’ve worked? 

I’m thrilled to be working alongside teammates who are experts in their respective fields and passionate about what they do. The Hone team also lives by our values day in and day out. The people make all the difference!

What’s your number one leadership or management tip? 

Be empathetic. We are all humans first and need to connect and build trust at the most foundational level to be able to bring our best selves to work.

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