Introducing Hone’s New Admin Platform

Hone empowers transformational behavior change while giving L&D and HR leaders data-driven insights and tools to scale and advance their organizations. We are pleased to announce several powerful new features in a massive update to our Admin Platform: Actionable Insights, Engagement by Department, and Data Exports.

Keep learners on track with Actionable Insights

A gif showing how Hone's Actionable Insights can help you keep your learners on track to reach their goals

There are few feelings as gratifying as rolling out a new learning program – and few feelings as frustrating as not knowing which of your learners have enrolled in classes, missed a session, or are stuck on a waitlist.

From program invitation to enrollment to completion, Actionable Insights gives you transparency into where your learners are – or have gotten stuck. With a single click, you can:

  • Resend invites to learners who haven’t enrolled
  • Reschedule learners who have missed classes
  • Message learners who are on the waitlist

Drive Engagement by Department

A gif showing how Hone can show you engagement by department

Want to know how Hone is landing within your organization? With Engagement by Department, you can proactively identify departments with strong engagement, and those lagging behind that need a nudge.

Use Data Exports to power analysis

Gif showing how to use Hone's new Data Exports to export your data and analyze it in your tool of choice

Whether high level program summaries or granular learner data, you can now export data to power your own off-platform analyses to better understand the impact of employee learning and development on business goals.