Meet Shane Combest, Hone’s Head of Product 

Meet Shane Combest, Hone’s Head of Product
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Meet Shane Combest, Hone’s Head of Product 

Shane Combest is Hone’s Head of Product, or the mastermind defining the product experience for all of our L&D admins, learners, and coaches. Shane leads Hone’s Product Management and Design teams, which help him oversee every new product feature and release from ideation to launch. He sets Hone’s overall product vision and strategy, while always ensuring that building a user-friendly learning experience remains at the core of everything we do.

Shane is no stranger to the world of L&D and tech. Having spent the last few years working for people engagement software company Glint, Shane has a passion for building and scaling products that help workplaces invest in their employees. We asked Shane a few questions to learn more about his past work experience and journey so far at Hone. Here’s what he shared: 

What was your professional journey before Hone?

I’ve always worked in the startup space. In 2015, I came into the world of people tech as Head of Product Management at Glint, a people engagement software company. There we built a product that—similarly to Hone—focused on improving individual success and happiness through measurement and action around the things that matter most to the employee base. I love being a part of helping individuals connect with exceptional professional development opportunities that are both fun and engaging. Hone truly is a one-of-a-kind talent development platform and I am excited to continue my professional journey with this team.

Why did you join Hone?

I’m so excited to help employees and managers learn new skills and put them into practice. When we deliver on our mission at Hone, we help people be more successful and happier at work and that has an enormous impact on the happiness, health, and security not just of the individuals we train, but also the people they work with every day.

How do you think your past experience has helped you at Hone? 

I have a deep love and commitment to what we do and helping workers be happy and successful. This passion helps focus what we choose to build and enables us to succeed in supporting learners to connect, grow, and succeed.

How is Hone different from other places you’ve worked? 

I love working with others who are deeply committed to serving the learners and companies we work with.

What’s your number one leadership or management tip? 

“Start With Why.” I absolutely love Simon Sinek’s writing and his speaking on this subject. Nothing inspires your people or customers more than starting with your mission and purpose to provide the context for the how and the what. This works best when you understand the “whys” of the people you are leading.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spend time with my kids, workout, eat great food, and build with LEGO bricks!

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