Meet Susi Lopez, Hone’s Sr. People Operations Manager

Hone Employee Spotlight: Susi Lopez
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Meet Susi Lopez, Hone’s Sr. People Operations Manager

Susana “Susi” Lopez is Hone’s Sr. People Operations Manager and the heart of our HR department. She’s tasked with the challenge of attracting and retaining the high caliber of talent that makes working at Hone so worthwhile. From recruiting new employees to ensuring existing employees have the resources, growth opportunities, and culture they need to thrive, Susi touches on every aspect of the employee experience here at Hone. That’s an important challenge for any organization, let alone a high-growth start-up like Hone! 

To learn more about Susi and why she thinks Hone is a great place to work and grow a career, we asked her a few questions about her role with the company. Here’s what she shared: 

What was your professional journey before Hone?

I’ve spent the last 10 years working in human resources for technology and startup companies. I started as an office manager and have progressively worked my way up to leading the People function at Hone. 

After 6 years of working in the HR and people space, I went back to school to get certified in human resources and then proceeded to take my SHRM-SCP and SPHR certification exams. I’ve managed and participated in all areas of the People function including recruiting, compliance, payroll, employee experience, and performance. Prior to Hone, I was the HR business partner for the US team at a global organization with over 6,000 employees. 

Why did you join Hone?

When I went looking for my next opportunity, I wanted to make sure that the company I would work for was serving both employees and people teams. I specifically looked for companies building products that people in my space would love because I believe if you improve the life of HR teams, you improve the lives of their employees. Hone was one of those companies and after speaking with our co-founders Tom and Savina and seeing/hearing their passion and drive, I knew it was a place I could both learn and lead.

How do you think your past experience has helped you at Hone? 

I was an HR generalist for a long time and this has always made me a strong teammate in a startup. I am capable of doing many things, one of them being that I love and am good at building the V1 or V2 of a lot of programs. My hope at Hone is to go beyond V2 so that I can continuously support our teammates and organizations as we grow.  If I can make Hone a wonderful place to work then I know our teammates will produce the best work that will help other organizations and managers be the best they can be. 

How is Hone different from other places you’ve worked? 

We lead with compassion and competence, sprinkled with a good amount of camaraderie! We’re all aiming for this really wonderful mission and vision and it comes through in all of our work. I also find that the team here is so open to collaborating and feedback because our employees are always looking to grow and improve. They want to be better, “smarter”, and more innovative. It’s a really powerful place to work.

What’s your number one leadership or management tip? 

Before giving feedback, ask questions. Then, make sure you’re giving feedback consistently and in the moment. If you wait too long, it’s easy to forget why something bothered you or how something could have been better, which is why it’s important to share feedback when it’s still top of mind. Asking questions before sharing feedback increases your chances that your feedback will land and that it is not misplaced. 

For example, you may think someone is dropping the ball but if you don’t ask “Hey, is everything outside of work going OK?” you might discover that your employee recently lost a friend or is struggling with their health. By asking questions you are able to get more context, which can help you be more compassionate but still deliberate with your feedback. 

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